Let’s Create!

Your thoughts matter.  Your voice matters.  Your message deserves to be communicated to those who want and need to hear it.  Majestē Media is committed to helping you to reach your target audience even if you do not have a ton of content.  We work with your existing content and/or your ideas and vision and we bring them to life with content that you can use in several formats across several platforms.


During this phase, we gather your ideas.  They could be written on a piece of paper, and/or they could be contained within a video you’re recorded, a speech you’ve delivered, a message you preached, etc.  


During this phase, we create solid, clear, grammatically-correct and skillfully written content designed to deliver your message in the most effective way to your target audience. 


During this phase, your written content is formatted as necessary for your preferred delivery method.  Infographics, blog posts, eBooks, checklists, newspaper/magazine articles – we structure your content accordingly.  In addition, we are able to repurpose your content to be used on other platforms in other ways.  For example, from one sermon or speech, you could get social media graphics, a blog post, a newsletter for your email list, or even an animated video.  The possibilities are endless!

We create:

blog posts, eBooks, email sequences, infographics, mini-books, newsletters, sales page copy… and much more!